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A Light in the Window: What ''Really Happened''

Ta’Sab had taken some papers and books of Lord Dyres with him when he left, more of sentimental value than anything else. He recently passed on, and his son Morper inherited his meager possessions.

Among them, he found some papers of Lord Dyres, written in Troll (Lord Dyres was somewhat of a rare language aficionado) describing where he had placed his family heirlooms, apparently (by the description) quite valuable heirlooms.

He returned to the the castle and searched for almost a week - with some difficulty, as the castle is now home to quite a few creatures who would prefer to not be disturbed. To protect himself from the creatures and possible competition for the treasure, he set a few tricks and traps. Ambushed by lizardmen, Morper is now prisoner in the dungeons.

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