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A Light in the Window: The Dungeon

Actually, more of a party basement, as the adventurers see a nice bar, some broken tables and chairs, and a really big fireplace with a spit for roasting a pig, a cow, or maybe a small dragon. Chained to the spit is Morper. Wood has been laid in the fireplace, but it's not burning. Yet.

Morper will spill his story given half a chance - he’s less interested in the treasure now than in his former comfortable life.

Once the conversation begins to flag, the reptile men emerge from the broken doorway at the end (roughly 2/3 the size of the adventurer party, so 6 adventurers would lead to 4 reptile men).

CreatureSTDXIQMAHitsDamage and Notes
A Reptile Man (Leader)1613/1311100Pike Ax# (P2d8), Battle Axe# (1d20), with the following abilities: Pole Weapons2, Ax3 Dam+1, Summon to Giant (25/9/7/10/d12+3) IIQ=2, Leadership2 (+2 initiative), Physical Fitness1 (50% better at climbing), Fire Proof1 (Dam-1) Cost=1+1
B Reptile Man1516/141282Pike Ax# (P2d6+2), Leather Armor, with the following abilities; Pole Weapons5 Range=2 Dam+1, Dam+d6 on charge (Throw spear at Dx+2), Ether Arrow2 Dx+1 d6/St, Summon to Snake (35/11/6/8/0/2d6 IIQ=3
C Reptile Man1614/121181Great Sword# (1d20+1), Heavy Double Crossbow# (3d6), Leather armor, with the following abilities: Sword3 Dam+1, Crossbow2 Dx+1, Avert4 (Full speed until turn after release) for fatigue 2+1/t, and Create Shadow2 (max 3 hexes) fatigue 1/hex
D Reptile Man1612/1212100Battle Axe# (1d20), Heavy Double Crossbow# (3d6), with the following abilities: Ax2, Crossbow2 Dx+1, Summon to Snake (35/11/6/8/0/2d6 IIQ=3, and Flight5 (up to 3 creatures with any carryable weight, also breath under water) Cost=2+1

Once defeated, the heroes may march victorious into the final room.

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