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A Light in the Window: The Armory

The armory is a fairly small room with racks for weapons along each side wall (with a lot of broken or rusted weapons, but a few non-artifact weapons that are still usable rolled at random). There’s also a really stout weapon case at the end, still well-locked.

The weapon case is protect by:

  • A lightning bolt trap requiring 9vIQ to detect, 8vDx to disarm, and 5vDx to dodge. Any creature struck by the lightning will take 3d8 damage.
  • A physical lock 8, which can be picked or overcome by inflicting 50 points of damage with a blunt weapon.
  • A mental lock (IIQ 2).

If our heroes overcome the traps and locks, they will find a lesser artifact per character, or (if high-end economy) a Weapon artifact per player, or (for affluent economy) both. These should be rolled on the Appendix E treasure tables.

The adventurers may return to the banquet hall, or proceed down the hallway to the next room.

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