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A Light in the Window: The Banquet Hall

The banquet hall is long and narrow, with a long table in the center. It is filled with trash (MA-2), and reeks of rotten food and other ickyness. An open door is opposite the entry door. A large fireplace (sans fire) is visible along one wall, originally intended to provide warmth during wintry nights; our heroes may find another use for it today.

The only banquets held in this room recently were attended by a solitary diner - a very large troll who also lives here. He actually has a ring of Stone Flesh 2 on his left pinky - it doesn't help with hits, but it's murder on anyone shooting at him!

If the fire lizards were defeated in battle, he doubtless heard and activated the ring. He's not brilliant, but he knows enough to make the sharp end of pointed things move toward his enemies! He'll also be in the best position to surprise whoever walks through the door first. Visitors are not welcome!

CreatureSTDXIQMAHitsDamage and Notes
Troll4014880DCL 6½ (d12) for a whack with a club. Non-burn damage (including fatigue from the ring) is regenerated at 1 St per turn.

In addition to the ring, among the trash on the floor will be found some other interesting treasure.

The adventurers may return to the entryway, or pass through the door at the opposite end.

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