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A Light in the Window: The Crypt

The crypt is large enough to hold two prone humans, one on each side, with a meter or two in between.

The crypt is locked with a very expensive lock (clearly the Lord did not intend to be disturbed during his rest). Above the keyhole is an engraving:

"A three-headed creature holds the key - one gentle enough to caress the face, one light enough to touch the sky, and one hard enough to crack a stone."

The answer to the riddle is, of course, water - used in liquid form to wash the face, in vapor form makes clouds in the sky, and when freezing in a stone's crevice will crack it. The only obvious pool of water in the garden is the fountain, and that's where they will find the key.

Hopefully our heroes will open the door with care, as an acid trap is positioned over the door. This trap requires 5vIQ to detect in time, 4vDx to safely remove if detected (which will leave the adventurer with a contact grenade of acid doing 2d8 damage on impact), 5vDx to avoid the acid if triggered (which destroys the grenade), and inflicting DCL 9 (2d8) damage to the creature struck by the acid.

Having defeated the lock and the trap, the adventurers will find some treasure within the crypt. If they would like to consider the moral implications of tomb-raiding, additional experience should be awarded.

The adventurers may return to the village to heal and better prepare, or enter the castle.

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