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A Light in the Window: In the Garden

Lay out a garden with meandering paths - one of which leads to a crypt large enough for two people, several passing among trees, and on the side opposite the crypt, a small fountain.

The form of the gardens is still apparent, with meandering moss-covered stone paths throughout, although the plants are untended and the beds overrun with weeds. Several large trees provide shade and unnatural darkness. A small fountain holds stagnant water. A crypt can be seen at the end of one path.

Several encounters are available (pick a likely spot in your garden):

Exploding Mushrooms

Exploding mushrooms are growing on a section of the path, requiring 4vIQ to notice. Stepping on a hex containing the mushrooms results in a small fireball doing d4 fire damage, plus a 50% chance of setting off mushrooms in the adjacent hexes (the effect is like a sheet of fire covering nearby hexes, until it peters out).


One of the trees is actually a bloodtree. As the party wanders under it, it will suddenly grab at all of the characters under it with its branches (they must make 4vDx to jump out of the way). Each creature that is grabbed will take 1 hit per turn until freed. The creature can break free by making 4vSt. An ally can cut off a limb to free a trapped creature by inflicting 5 points of damage to it (sharp weapons only), while 12 points of fire or sharp weapon damage to the trunk will kill the tree and free everyone.

CreatureSTDXIQMAHitsDamage and Notes
Bloodtree1001004vSt to escape capture, 1 dam/turn, hurt by sharp weapons or fire only

Invisible Stalker

Hidden amongst the bushes is an invisible stalker, which will seek to pick off the weakest and most convenient creature in the party. Each creature must make 6vIQ to notice it. It will attack without warning, and due to its invisibility is attacked at Dx-6 as well (assuming the creature is attacking the correct hex).

CreatureSTDXIQMAHitsDamage and Notes
Invisible Stalker241410142DCL 10½ (d20), 6vIQ to notice, Dx-6 to hit


Clearly the water hasn't moved in this fountain in years, except during the rain. Nothing the players try will elicit a response from the fountain, however, they will notice a key in the bottom among the green algae on 5vIQ. If they search for the key, however, they will find it.

The adventurers may return to the village to heal and better prepare, or examine the crypt in the gardens.

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