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A Light in the Window, an Elven Fire Adventure

What Really Happened - For Gamemasters Only!

This adventure is well-suited to 4 to 6 beginner player characters. It features a modest backstory with a few puzzles and some serious combat and action.

Read to your players: "While on a sea voyage, our intrepid heroes make landfall on a small island to restock and buy some provisions (look - a brand new store for one day only!). However, the townsfolk seem agitated and nervous - they keep looking toward a run-down castle at the highest point on the island.

"The castle appears overgrown with vines; one of the gates can be seen to cant precariously.

"When questioned, the townsfolk explain that the castle once belonged to the lord of the island, Lord Dyres, and his lovely wife Estel. After his wife’s untimely (and unexplained) passing, Lord Dyres went a bit off in the helmet hook - his servants deserted him, the townsfolk avoided him, and he lived an increasingly bitter life alone.

"After about a year, Lord Dyres joined Estel in (much needed) eternal rest. His quite elderly servant, Ta’Sab, who had raised him from a wee lad, returned and placed his body in the garden crypt beside his wife, collected a few sentimental keepsakes, and then sailed away again. He hasn’t been seen since.

"That was eleven years ago, and the castle has been dark and neglected ever since. Until a week ago, that is, when a light was spotted in a castle window. It has been seen thrice since then, and rumors of Lord Dyres’ ghost roaming the halls (and the streets at night) have set the town on edge. Perhaps the adventurers would care to confirm or disprove such a rumor?"

Allow the characters to shop in the local stores (generate per the rules as a small town, say a single 3d8 artifact store with 50 points of healing potion and a reasonable supply of non-artifact items) and make any other preparations they desire.

Note the time they leave for the castle - early morning through late evening. The trip takes about 2 hours through rocky island terrain with scrubby vegetation. If you have time, an outdoor encounter or two is appropriate - but prepare twice as many as you expect (you'll understand why later). Here's a couple of simple encounters to get you started.

CreatureSTDXIQMAHitsDamage and Notes
Dragon Turtles12958/24 (swims)4DCL 5½ (d10) bite / DCL 9 (2d8) breathes fire for 1 fatigue, may be several, roll reaction
Giant Constrictor Snake2012660DCL 7 (2d6) bite, wraps victim on hit (as Rope 4) and inflicts DCL 5½ (d10) each turn until killed or victim escapes

If the players agree, proceed to the Dyres Castle gates.

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