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Dark Reading: Room 3b

This small side room is only 2 MH in total size, but packs in 3 unlocked wooden trunks:

  • Lg explosive trap (does 3d6 to the hex in front of the chest, 2d6 to adjacent hexes (including the chest), and d6 to hexes adjacent to those). Requires 6vIQ to detect, 6vDx to avoid, and 5vDx to remove.
  • When triggered, a giant stone ball rolls down the corridor passing directly in front of the chest (moves 10 hexes per round and inflicts 3d8 damage on anything it hits), 6vIQ to detect and 5vDx to remove - to avoid it, don't get in its way!
  • A 1-hex trap door leads to a viper-filled pit (the vipers inflict d4/r, armor and non-mental protections absorb only for the first round), 6vIQ to detect, 4vDx to avoid, and 9vDx to remove.

The secret room has a secret door (7vIQ to notice) to a passageway that leads down a short corridor to the bottom of the well. Halfway down this tunnel is Lord Ennydanough - unconscious but still (barely) alive! If a Physicker or some healing potion is available, his life can still be saved, but he won't survive a trip back to town.

If revived, he will report that he was looking at a certain well-protected iron trunk when he heard a grunt behind him, as if someone was lifting something too heavy for them. Then he felt a sharp pain in his back, and fell. Barely conscious, he heard someone rustling through his backpack, pages being turned, a muttered "I'll hide it in the well!", then footsteps leaving the room while dragging something heavy behind. After a time of passing in and out of consciousness, the largest Dwarf he'd ever seen shook him, and he managed to request that his friend Lady Ivera be told where her book would be hidden. Then he passed out expecting to die.

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