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Dark Reading: Room 3

This room is a perfect mega-megahex. Boulders cover the ground on the two side megahexes; the center megahex is a heavy trap door (7vIQ to notice, can be spiked with 7vDx to stay shut).

A Giant Red Wasp nest is hanging from the ceiling near the center of the room, with two wasps hanging lazily on the side. There's probably more inside the nest.

If the trap door opens, only d4 damage to those who fall – but the loud noise will definitely cause the wasps to attack.

CreatureSTDXIQMAHitsDamage and Notes
Giant Red Wasps12121218/241+P2d12 (4vSt)

A secret door is hidden in the bottom of the pit (4vIQ to notice). It leads to Room 3b.

An exit leads back to Room 2, and one leads forward into a passage. This passage splits, with the right leading to Room 4, and the left to Room 5.

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