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Dark Reading: Room 2

A pool of water covers one side of this room, and a low stone wall emerges from the water and crosses part of the room. An octopus scout is hidden behind the wall (6vIQ to notice).

The scout will gently slap the water to call his friends when the adventurer's enter (4vIQ to notice). They are just trolling for treasure, and will retreat into the water if losing badly.

CreatureSTDXIQMAHitsDamage and Notes
1-hex Octopus scout1815108/82Broadswords 3x(2e4+1) or Dbl Xbow (3d6, 2xround, 2r to reload)
1-hex Octopus1815108/82(+3)Battle Ax (d20) + Lg Shield (3)
2-hex Octopus2815108/82Greatswords 3x(d24-1) or Arbalest (2d16+4, 4r to reload)

One exit leads back to Room 1, while another leads forward to Room 3.

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