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Dark Reading: Room 1

This small room is empty save a triangular pedestal of grey stone in the center, 3' tall, with a small ½” hole in the center top.

Around the hole is written “3 Lives Have I”. Each of the 3 side faces has a different inscription, one per side:

Gentle enough to soothe the skin
Light enough to caress the sky
Hard enough to crack stone

The solution to the riddle is, of course, "water". When the small hole on top is filled with water, a spout emerges from one of the sides (roll a d6 and consult the table below for which side - W = "Gentle...", I = "Hard...", and S = "Light..."), and 10 seconds later...

(1-2 W) A random potion is dispensed
(3-4 I) A random gem is dispensed
(5-6 S) A lightning bolt fires at (and hits) the water pourer, with Bonus5 fatigue, and increasing power each time – d4, d6, d8, d10, and d12, at which point the hole on top closes for 24 hours, and the pedestal responds no more.

The water drains from the hole after each dispensation.

One exit leads back to Room 0, while another leads forward to Room 2.

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