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Dark Reading: Room 0

The entrance to the labyrinth is accessible via a cave-like entrance hidden behind many bushes, but detectable to the broken branches and other evidence of passage.

The first room has rocky ground with some boulders strewn about. Ominously, a couple of burned (dead) bean-type plants are in evidence.

When characters begin moving through the room, a fire elemental appears. He's flaming mad.

CreatureSTDXIQMAHitsDamage and Notes
Fire Elemental24148100d10 / fireball at Dx+1 at IQ 16 [Fd8] / create fire hex at 3 MA per hex

Fire elementals are immune to fire and non-artifact weapons. Artifact weapons do ½ damage, while a liter of water does d6, a water storm inflicts 4d6/r, and a water elemental does double damage.

An exit leads forward to Room 1. Of course, the cave entrance is behind you if you're too scared to continue.

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