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Dark Reading: Epilogue

The players should be compliment on the parts of the puzzle that they resolved, and their accomplishments such as retrieving the book, returning Lord Ennydanough to town alive (or even dead), and implicating the gambling-addicted husband as the (attempted?) murderer and thief. Fill in anything they missed from the solution page.

Lady Ivera will certainly be willing to loan the book to any of the adventurers who plan to stick around town for a while and learn a new ability or two. She won't let the book leave her castle, however.

Assuming Lord Rilnn was implicated in the murder, the adventurers can expect a quick trial and execution by arbalest (appropriately enough).

If Lord Ennydanough was returned alive, and the adventure party's loot was sparse, a bonus is certainly in order. Lady Ivera can afford it, and she may even be in the market for a new husband.

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