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Counter Strike: What ''Really Happened''


The Three Amigos - they wear identical rings with 2 phoenix entwined (rings of communication):

  • Fiettas - The intended victim, and intender to swipe the dragon hoard. Speaks dragon.
  • Becoy - The friend we’ll later find in the labyrinth, unsuccessful hoard swiper.
  • Hach - The attempted murderer. Has a wolf named Kelneys. Meet in the finale.

Plus the usual assortment of critters and (of course) our intrepid heroes.


Fiettas knows something worth killing for. While exploring a complex labyrinth with two friends, they accidentally discovered the password to a gate leading to a dragon’s hoard. Unfortunately, the dragon was still quite fond of the hoard, and they had to retreat. But Fiettas speaks dragon, did a bit of stealth research (while picking up a few spare gold pieces), and heard the dragon planning a little trip. So the three amigos agreed to return in a week for a generous helping of dragon hoard.

However, the friends became greedy, and now each is trying to claim the hoard solo. But Hach doesn’t see this as a friendly little competition - he actually threatened to kill Fiettas (who has serious trouble with lying) and Becoy (who's a bit of a cheapskate). And as our story begins, he’s ready to carry out his threat.

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