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Counter Strike: Room 5

Lay out a dragon's den, with the archway at one end and a hoard on the side. An entrance is opposite the archway.

The dragon's hoard is gleaming in the dim light; the room smells of dragon, but as promised by Hach and / or Fiettas (maybe), the dragon appears to be out ravishing the countryside - or perhaps on vacation.

What happens here depends on the players. It would be awfully nice to share the treasure with Hach's team and with Fietta, but the case can be made that Hach is a murderer wannabe and Fietta is (at best) a pathological liar, so a fight isn't out of the question. Let the plot unfold as it may.

During the fight (if there is one) or once the teams have loaded up with treasure, the dragon will return. Probably thought it had left the stove on. And is it ever not happy to find looters amongst the hoard!

CreatureSTDXIQMAHitsDamage and Notes
7-hex dragon5014208 / 205DCL 7 (2d6) bite + DCL 11 (2d10) fire (costs 4 fatigue per breath)

The hoard can be rolled as several treasures per team member.

If the players haven't yet figured out the back story, be sure to clue them in to what was really going on.

The adventurers may return to the octopi room (using "Finnigin!" as the password as before).

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