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Counter Strike: Room 3

Lay out a fairly large combat room, and place two stone beetles on the far side; difficulty can be adjusted by pre-damaging the beatles. A set of defeated and (at best) unconscious adventurers are scattered about the room. Clearly, they lost the last battle.

The stone beetles are still mad, and will attack immediately.

CreatureSTDXIQMAHitsDamage and Notes
Stone Beetle x 23010265DCL 5 (2d4) bite

Once the beetle(s) are defeated, Fiettas will react to one person on the floor - Becoy! Fiettas will cover by claiming he’s just an old friend, quite a coincidence to see him in Hach’s mountain, who knew? Stranger things have happened - regularly in Elven Fire!

If Becoy is searched, they will find:

  • A double-phoenix ring identical to that worn by Fiettas (if they didn't notice it on him before, given them another 4vIQ try)
  • A map of the labyrinth - with the bottom room clearly labeled “dragon”. Fiettas will cover by claiming that Hach’s nickname was “dragon”. Don't look too sincere - you want them questioning his integrity by this point!)
In reality, of course, Becoy was trying to reach the dragon hoard first - and had the lead, had he not encountered a creature a bit too powerful for his modest band of mercenaries. Never hire cheap mercenaries or a cheap hotel room.

The adventurers may return to the arch room (though the arch will ignore their affections forever more), or proceed through the labyrinth.

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