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Counter Strike: Room 1

Lay out a large and very regularly shaped cave with rocks, a few bushes, and other suitable scenery. Consider using a pair of rhinos if more than 4 adventurers comprise the group.

As the adventurers enter the cave, they spot a large rhino munching on the greenery. The rhino will ignore the adventurers at first and not attack.

Unfortunately, the adventurers will trigger a large pendulum as they enter (swinging between the movement and attack phase). The pendulum will sweep a straight line across the cave once per round, rotating 30 degrees each sweep. Any creature in the pendulum's path after the movement phase must make 4vDx or be struck and take DCL 7 (2d6) of damage, and must also make 3vSt or be knocked flat. The path of the pendulum will not be altered by striking a creature. If a character dodges the pendulum or is within a couple of hexes, he may attempt to jump on the pendulum and ride across the room, dropping off anywhere within 2 hexes of its path - this requires a 4vDx roll.

As soon as the pendulum swings, the rhino will become agitated and will charge the character group.

A fair amount of treasure will be found among the bushes. The rhinos feed here often, and don't like to be disturbed.

CreatureSTDXIQMAHitsDamage and Notes
Rhino25105202DCL 7 (2d6) horn as a pole weapon (attacks first and adds DCL 3½ (d6) on a charge, but reaches only one hex)

The adventurers may return to town to heal and better prepare, or proceed into the labyrinth.

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