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Counter Strike: Room 0

This outdoor encounter is optional, and may be skipped if time is constrained.
Lay out a woodland area with a 2 meter (2 hex) wide path, surrounded by trees, bushes, rocks, and perhaps a bubbling brook. Leave a subtly clear flight path for the eagle (don't tell the players this, of course!). The players should place their characters in travelling order on the path (where the eagle can strike).

While traveling down a country road approaching the mountain, the adventurers notice that the surrounding forest has become unusually quiet. It's as if the normal creatures have taken shelter from ... something.

Players may roll 4vIQ to notice an approaching shadow. If noticed, they have one free movement turn to prepare.

Suddenly a giant eagle strikes at the rear character or creature, attempting to grasp it with its claws to feed it young. If the eagle hits, its talons grasps its victim; the victim then gets a 4vSt to free itself before being lifted from the ground. If the eagle misses, it will circle and attack the most available target again next round, continuing to capture a prey until it has lost a third or more of its strength to damage, at which point it will flee.

CreatureSTDXIQMAHitsDamage and Notes
Giant Eagle181268 / 242DCL 7 (2d6) bite when engaged or DCL 10½ (3d6) when dive bombing a target

If the eagle grasps and holds a victim, it will climb 10 m per round. The victim will lose 2 St per round it is held, but may continue its 4vSt struggle each turn to get free. Any missile attacks against the eagle that miss must then roll again to avoid hitting the victim.

If the victim wiggles free and drops, or the eagle is knock unconscious, the victim will take DCL 3½ (d6) per 10 m of altitude the eagle has attained thus far.

If the eagle succeeds in lifting the victim to 50 m (5 rounds), the victim is lost.

If the eagle is downed and cut open, a small amount of treasure will be found in its innards. You never know what a giant eagle will eat.

The adventurers may return to town to heal and better prepare, or proceed to the labyrinth.

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