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Counter Strike, an Elven Fire Adventure

What Really Happened - For Gamemasters Only!

This adventure is well-suited to 4 to 6 beginner player characters. It features a lot of combat and action, with a hidden backstory that is less than a mystery to solve than a surprising narrative to add texture and interest to the evening.

Read to your players: "You are in a tavern enjoying a round of ale when a young man enters rather quickly, looking nervously over his shoulder. He spots you, appears to size you up as honest and self-assured adventurers of honor, and identifies himself as Fiettas. 'Someone just tried to kill me!' he exclaims. 'I barely escaped with my life!'

Allow the characters any necessary movement and preparation for battle they choose to make (without hinting that this may be a Very Good Idea). Also allow a few questions, giving vague and unsatisfying answers. When the time is ripe, a group of assassins roughly equal in number to the adventurer group burst into the tavern and attack Fiettas. We’d like to think our heroes seek to defend him…

CreatureSTDXIQMAHitsDamage and Notes
Fiettas121210101 (spike shield)DCL 7 (2e4+1) broad sword / DCL 7 (2e4+1) 2 x boomerangs / DCL 1½ (e4-2) spike shield
Assassin x 4ish12128100DCL 7 (2d6) broad sword / DCL 6 (2d4+1) 3 x thrown or HTH daggers

If they survive, Fiettas will explain that he’s had a falling out with his best friend Hach over a remarkably cute girl named Kelneys. The good news is that Kelneys chose Fiettas; the bad news is that Hach is a sore loser. The assassin squad was hired to eliminate the competition, so to speak. Lucky our feckless crew was around to save him.

More assassin squads will surely follow, until Hach is stopped. Perhaps the adventurers would be interested in forcing a confrontation in Hach’s lair? It’s beneath Avonshire Mountain - Hach has a gate he uses for easy access, but the "long way" passes through a labyrinth of creatures and associated treasure, which can surely repay any expenses the group requires.

Allow all players 4vIQ to notice his double-phoenix ring on his finger. It will strike them as rather valuable.

If the players agree, proceed to the Labyrinth leading to Hach's lair.

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