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To start a game of Elven Fire, there are a few common materials you will need to gather.

The Manual:

Each player will need:

  • A character sheet, filled out
  • A marker? representing their character (including a marker for any pet, etc.)
  • Pencil with eraser
  • Dice

The Game Master (GM) will need:

Other useful materials:

Note that before the game begins, the party should agree on which milieu they will be using on the treasure table.

Designed Adventures

These are adventures created for Elven Fire, and require a GameMaster to play.


Not all is as it seems in these adventures - there's more to the plot than hack and slash!

  • Dark Reading (August 2013), in which the adventurers seek a valued book lost when a Lady's friend is killed in a remote labyrinth
  • Counter Strike (February 2014), in which the adventurers assist the intended victim of a hit to bring justice to the perpetrator
  • A Light in the Window (March 2014), in which the adventurers investigate a strange recurring light in a decaying, abandoned castle above a small island village

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