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Character Sheets

Pre-Created Characters

Ready to play now? Pick the character that looks most like the role you'd like to play, and let's get started!

To use one of these "stock" characters: (1) Print the associated PDF document double-sided on 8½ by 11 inch paper. (2) Cut each page into two 8½ by 5½ sheets. (3) Each PDF file contains two independent characters, so after cutting, each resulting sheet represents one "stock" character. The type of character is shown under the line at the top of each page, on which you should write the name you select for your character.

Warrior and Hafling Archer Δ

  • Human Warrior - This is your basic fighter, wielding a broadsword in one hand and a large shield in the other. When not engaged, he can throw dirks (small knives). He's a cool leader, physically fit and ready to lead his team into harm's way.
  • Hafling Archer - Though short, this archer can deliver arrows with uncanny accuracy. His cloth armor provides modest protection from hits without interfering with his stealthy movement, he has a sharp eye for detail, and he has a pet raven to round out this pint-sized package.

Mentalist and Brawler Δ

  • Kobold Mentalist - This quick-witted and versatile character relies on her brains rather than her brawn. She calls upon allies such as snakes, wolves, and even dragons to engage her opponents, supporting them with fireballs, iceballs, and bolts of lightning as needed. Between battles, her expertise in first aid benefits herself and her team, while her skill in the creation of artifacts multiplies her team's force. Fluent in 5 languages, she's able to employ scrolls and books in addition to the usual gems and other artifacts created, purchased, or found.
  • Brawler Reptile Man - Reptilian and muscular, this character prefers to speak with his sizable claws rather than his voice or mundane weapons. While he generally prefers to pounce on his opponents in hand-to-hand combat, he can also employ a whip in close melee or a shaolin chain whip at greater distances. His muscular tail adds a second attack against anyone who dares attack him from behind.

Blank Character Sheets

Try these character sheet templates to create the character of your dreams. Er, I mean, fantasy game!

Various sheets are available, depending on the type of character you'd like to play.

  • The Beginner character sheet provides a lot of extra hints next to each of your character's attributes, possessions, and characteristics - right where you need help the most!
  • The Generalist character sheet is for more experienced players who are comfortable with the rules, and are playing a character balanced between mental and physical abilities.
  • The Weaponist character sheet provides lots of room for weapons of all types, for characters that let their swords, hammers and brass knuckles speak for them.
  • The Mentalist character sheet provides lots of room for mental abilities and artifacts, for characters that live by their wits and their ethereal bows.
  • The Librarian character sheet provides lots of room for books and scrolls, for characters that read, write, and learn the latest best-sellers (glasses optional).

Avatars (Markers)

Looking for an avatar to represent your new characters? Check the Avatars? page!

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