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Elizabeth's character has a "pet" goblin via an Amulet of Control NPC (see also: The Acquisition of Stinky - I Mean, Ringwort?). Poor Ringwort is... not really fit for combat. He's more of a between-labyrinths friend, you see. Naturally, we keep him well-protected to the rear or center of the party. In this particular group, Dale's character is something of a meat shield, absorbing an outlandish 9 hits of damage. An excellent choice for shielding poor, fragile Ringwort, right?

We walk down the corridor... we approach the door... THWACK! A crossbow bolt flies out of a recessed panel... Dale shrieks and dodges to the side... Ringwort gasps and collapses to the floor, a thick bolt protruding from his skinny ribs.

Way to meat shield, Dale!