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For our play session one night, Jace designed a very clever room. It appeared to be empty except for a small chest of coins on a pedestal in the center. Our party arranged itself around the room, each with a clear line of sight to the unassuming chest, and our front-liners stepped up. About this time, the GM leans over to the labyrinth creator and says with a chuckle, "You see where they are standing?"

As it turns out, there was a Doppleganger hiding in each shadowy corner of the small room. When our party crowded around to peer into the chest, they intended to creep out, morph into duplicates of our party members, and crowd around the chest, peering in contemplatively with us.

Except... well, instead of crowding around the chest, we spread out and backed into the corners of the room, bumping right into the Dopplegangers before they had the slightest chance to spring their trap.

Labyrinth design: a seemingly futile exercise in the face of sheer dumb luck (and a prevalence of archers).