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I Put my Back to the Wall - Who Knew the Wall was the Enemy?

Rini was not happy with her Pixie character. Its abilities were wrong, its advancement was slow, and it just generally didn't provide the options she wanted in a character. So she was willing to take more risk than usual - not a recipe for long life and Council of Six retirement.

During one particularly intense battle, a spot opened in the middle of the melee right next to a low wall bisecting the room. Unable to resist the opportunity of attacking from the rear, she rationalized her move with "I'll put my back to the wall" and dropped her little pixie right behind a well-armed opponent.

We didn't really expect survival, since Pixies are not known as great warriors, but the end was far swifter than expected. While a wall provides excellent protection, it's not perfect - a mere Dx-8. Which means, when the Pixie's head appeared briefly over the wall, before she even had her first attack from the rear, a dexterous enemy archer sent her to meet her maker in a single shot!

But at least Rini had the rest of the game to create the character she really wanted!

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