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While adventuring with our good friend Devon, the party happened upon a moat. Unlike the usual labyrinths we play, Jace did not "build in" any particular method for us to cross this moat; he trusted we would find a way. Indeed, the party brainstormed a number of possibilities, including flight, makeshift rope ladders, tugging down the drawbridge via an embedded crossbow bolt, an Amulet of Proof: Water, and more. The solution we settled on, though, was slightly more intriguing.

Devon (a natural Shapeshifter), morphed into a 7-hex dragon, stood up on his tail, and -- THUNK -- dropped his forepaws down on the far side of the moat to form a bridge, across which the rest of our party happily traipsed. (Sorry 'bout the backache, Devon!)

Naturally, that was not quite the end of the story. A Giant Constrictor Snake reared out of the moat, sensing the loss of its prey, and wrapped itself around Devon's waist like a huge, scaly belt. Of course, he was prepared with the Amulet of Proof: Water, but even so, the constricting effect of -- oh wait, Rini has an Amulet of Control Non-Trainable Reptile.

Welcome to the party, Huggies. Let's go hunting!