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Don't Worry - They Can't Hurt Me!

The long-awaited sequel to Dale and Goliath , long after Dale had grown and entered college, finally was written... I mean, lived.

Dale's character had exceptional resistence to damage, absorbing something like 13 points of damage. Thus he liked to lead the charge into each room, engaging the opponents who wished to fight and preventing them from reaching the missile-oriented characters (while bringing down quite a few himself in the process).

And so one fateful day, as we entered a room in which moderately powerful creatures with damage class (DCL) of only 4.5 - though lots of them - prepared for battle, Dale confidently exclaimed, "Don't worry, they can't hurt me!" as he charged into the lot of them.

And naturally, the very first attack against him rolled 3 1's - triple damage - followed by an 8, knocking him out cold.

Karma (as they say) is sometimes slow, but it does come around eventually!

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