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Did't We See that Giant Boulder - and that Horse - Before?

In later years, we were more careful about weight (at least in what our characters could carry), ensuring that we didn't overload them with 10,000 coppers just because the digits fit on the character sheet. This led to pooling some funds to purchase an old draft horse affectionately named Glue, with a wagon for him to pull in (gentle) labyrinths.

We kept Glue at the back of our party, out of the fight, and he responded by staying calm while we fought for our lives.

...Until the day we triggered a giant bolder trap that rolled down the corridor from whence we entered the room, right over our beloved Glue. Nothing left but a stickly spot. At least he never saw it coming.

We grieved (briefly) for Glue, and (somewhat longer) for the low-value coins we left in the shattered wagon for the dungeon-crawlers, before finding a successor dubbed Gluestick and a replacement wagon. We didn't mention the fate of Glue to ole Gluestick, of course. Ignorance is bliss.

Not long hence, we were traveling down a corridor with Gluestick safely in the rear of the party (as usual), when we came to a number of cross-corridors one after another. With spideysense tingling we advanced, watching intently, and every single character managed to avoid triggering the giant boulder trap - except Gluestick.

With a roar, an eerily familiar giant boulder came charging down the first cross-corridor we had passed, right over Gluestick. As we stood beside our now-horseless wagon and watched the boulder recede in the distance, we noticed it had two Glue-shaped spots on it.

Apparently those boulders really get around.

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