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Dale and Goliath

When Dale was just a tottler, Rini and I were playing (I think) the Death Quest programmed labyrinth with him. Somehow he became engaged in a one-on-one fight with a giant that was far more powerful than he was, and the fight was not going well.

Since the room description permitted retreat, we strongly encouraged him to withdraw. However, Dale was determined to finish the room. Finally, we told him, "The game is up. The only way you can survive would be to roll 3 1's" - triple damage - "and then 2 6's" - maximum possible damage.

"I can do that," Dale replied, and before we could stop him, he rolled... 3 1's and then 2 6's.

We were astounded, but Dale couldn't understand why. He said he could do it, so of course he did!

George08 February 2013, 05:17

Anybody remember the exact game we were playing?

Rini?26 May 2014, 09:58

Was it the same one that gave us those beautiful iron belts? You know, the ones that were essentially Self-Powered Rings of Stone Flesh?

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